PROJECT: Sky-high rents

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Project: Sky-high rents
housing crisis

Eteron Pods | The housing crisis in Greece, Portugal and Spain


Millions of people across the globe are severely affected by the housing crisis.

Whether you live in the US or the countries of southern Europe, housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable for wage earners, pushing them further out of the city centers or even to countries where they can secure decent housing with what they earn.

Which are the factors behind those changes? How has the pandemic changed the mobility of people and their life choices? How do people in Lisbon, Barcelona, and Athens feel about the changes in their cities, the new type of buyers and their own situation?

Listen to the new episode of Eteron Pods, where we talk with New York Times reporter Ronda Kaysen, who covers real estate topics in the US and abroad. She has recently traveled to Portugal, Spain, and Greece to investigate the housing crisis in these countries, as they increasingly attract a new type of US buyer.

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