Project: Mind the Roof

As the pace of change brought about by the green transition is picking up, and in order to explore how the imperative for climate justice can be combined with that for social justice and the mitigation of social inequalities, Eteron once again focuses its analysis on housing, following its “Sky-high Rents” project.

While a significant segment of Greek society witnesses its access to affordable and adequate housing being called into question, the housing sector becomes the subject and epicentre of extensive energy upgrade interventions.

Could energy upgrade programmes provide a framework for the protection of everyone’s right to housing? Besides energy upgrading, what other housing needs does Greece have, and how could all of them combine to form a comprehensive housing strategy for the coming decades?

We shall address these questions by assessing the footprint of energy upgrade programmes, by highlighting good practices from Greece and abroad, by putting forward specific proposals for strengthening the social aspect of energy upgrade programmes, and by fostering partnerships that can work towards a multidisciplinary approach of housing and climate issues.

Climate and Housing
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Project: Mind the Roof
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