Perspectives: The Brussels Bubble

Introductory Note Social Cohesion and Inequalities Housing Crisis Refugee Issue and Migration

The Perspectives | “Brussels Bubble: The Road to the European Elections 2024” cover a period of five months, from February to June 2024, the month of the European Parliament Elections. During this period, our goal is to shed light on aspects and critical issues that are placed at the heart of the European political agenda.

Through texts and interviews, initiatives, and infographics, we aim to turn the elections for the European Parliament a “celebration of democracy,” but also an important opportunity to understand that a set of major national policies is closely linked to the decisions made in the European Parliament and European institutions more broadly.

The analyses address four distinct pillars: Social Cohesion and Inequalities; the Housing Crisis; the Refugee and Migration Issue; the Climate Crisis.

“The Brussels Bubble: The Road to the European Elections 2024” edition of Eteron’s Perspectives was curated and edited by Dimitris Rapidis.

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