Eteron – Institute for Research and Social Change is a non-profit organisation, based in Athens, Greece, that produces knowledge, contributes towards citizen empowerment and promotes partnerships.

We strive to strengthen arguments, ideas, people and organisations, in order to reach a society, in which the actual needs of the people will be at the center of the public debate.

A step towards a world where the happiness and prosperity of all has equal value.

What do we do?


Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

We produce knowledge in the form of credible research, analysis, articles and public events.

We substantiate arguments, question the obvious and trust the researchers.

We promote policy proposals pushing for justice, inclusion and sustainability.


Power increases when one shares it

Power increases when one shares it

We try using innovative communication channels in order to render the “hard meanings” more accessible.

We share methods and tools that allow us to develop different skills.

We create foundations and platforms to spread knowledge.


Collective power can change the world

Collective power can change the world

We build partnerships formed on the basis of respect, dedication in common core values and openness.

We create spaces of encounter and dialogue.

We become a collaborations’ hub among research institutions abroad, bringing the international discussion in Greece and promoting the discussion regarding Greece abroad.

We listen before speaking.
We think before acting.
We include before suggesting.

or at least, we try.

Why Eteron

Read the story behind our name here.

Operation and funding

Eteron is a non-profit civil partnership that operates in an autonomous manner and forms its strategy based on its charter objectives. It is independent from business and partisan interests.
It accepts funding from entities that align with its principles and directions.
The Institute’s operation is financed by Dimitris Maris.

Advisory Board ON

The Board, drawing on its members’ extensive experience, is proceeding with the establishment of an Advisory Committee. It is made up of people with knowledge and expertise in their scientific fields, with experience in the field of science, civil society and public debate.

Advisory Board Members

Our team
Christos Papagiannis Director

Graduate of the Department of Political Science and History at Panteion University, holder of the IKY Foundation scholarship (summa cum laude). Holds a Master’s degree in International Communications from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration at LSE. Has worked in the field of media as both a digital marketing manager and a political researcher at the German News Agency (DPA).


Vasilis Panagou Head of Communications

He was born and raised in Rhodes. He studied Economics at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and is professionally active in the field of Digital Marketing & Strategic Communication. He has worked as Head of Digital Media, but also as Head of Social Media Strategy. His gadgets and football make him happy.

Dimitris Rapidis Grants Officer & Political Researcher

He studied political science and international relations in Athens and Geneva. He has worked as a communications consultant, political strategist, and financial program manager in the private sector, at the United Nations, and the European Parliament. He is a co-founder of an alternative digital media outlet and a football enthusiast.


Eleni Katomeri Event & Office Manager

She studied Theatre and Film Theory at the department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens as well as Acting at the Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun. She has worked in the fields of direction and production in the TV and filming industry as well as the theatre. Balancing between theory and practice, she continues to observe society through art.


Chara Balaka Visual Designer

She studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the University of West Attica and she holds a Master’s degree in Documentary Production. She loves to tell stories and uses typography as a means of artistic and social expression.


Zoi Artemis Athanasopoulou Translator

She studied Media and Communication at the University of Athens and holds a Master’s degree in Media Production and Audiovisual Translation. She has worked as a subtitler/translator in film festivals and media platforms, then worked at sea, then back ashore. She’s seen it all, but still thinks that writing about herself in third person and then translating it, might be one step too far.


Dimitris Papazoglou Art Director
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