PROJECT: Sky-high rents

PROJECT: Sky-high rents

Project: Sky-high rents

Housing360 ° | A depiction of the housing issue in Greece

Rents have reached sky-high levels – a fact that concerns a large part of the population that’s been discussing the matter for quite some time now. Why is this happening, though? How did we end up in a situation that is making both young and older generations feel stressed and insecure about the future?

Housing, a basic human need and a fundamental right, emerges today as a major social and political stake in Greece as well.

We would therefore like to present Eteron’s new online platform, “Housing360 ° | A depiction of the housing issue in Greece”, where we aim to gather all relevant existing knowledge, hoping to break down the specific characteristics and multiple dimensions of the issues that Greek society is facing.

The web page covers nine topics, which although they’re distinct chapters, overall they form a cohesive and comprehensive text. Those topics are: rents, short term rentals, speculation and financialisation, vacant houses, youth housing, home ownership, energy poverty, vulnerable groups and urban space.

In each one, we strive to provide answers to certain essential questions:

  • What’s the actual issue?
  • What’s the available data on said issue?
  • Why is this happening?
  • What could we do about it?

Combined with the “Policy Paper: For the right to affordable rental housing”, the aim is to enrich the relevant public debate that would explore the necessary and appropriate responses to the current housing crisis, which would, in turn, lay the foundations for securing the right to housing for all.

Housing360 °’s research group consists of:

-Dimitris Balabanidis, PhD in Urban Planning and Geography, Researcher in housing and immigration issues
-Stefania Gyftopoulou, Architect and Urban Designer
-Eva Papatzani, PhD candidate and researcher in Urban Studies and immigration issues
-Dimitra Siatitsa, PhD in Architecture – Urban and Regional Planning, Researcher in urban and housing issues

You can find Housing360 ° in this link

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