Project: Climate Crisis and Elections

Human induced climate crisis is a reality. The prolonged heat waves, the devastating floods, the enormous forest fires are just the most visible signs of the changes already under way. At the same time, significant political decisions have already been made, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are lots to be done during the coming decade in order for Greece to respond appropriately to the magnitude of this threat, with a socially just way.

The significance of the upcoming elections in light of such challenges should be beyond any doubt.

Are there any significant conflicts and inconsistencies in the political discourse regarding the climate? What will the most important challenges be in the next 4 years? Which criteria should one use when assessing the potical parties’ positions? At the end of the day, what is revealed and what is left unsaid regarding the climate crisis in this pre-election period?

We shall answer these crucial questions through a series of αrticles and commentaries by experts and relevant organisations. Additionally, we have created a digital platform that records all pre-election statements regarding the climate crisis in real time (in Greek)!

Project: Climate Crisis and Elections
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