Perspectives: Energy & War


Energy and war

Energy is a very serious dimension of the global humanitarian and geopolitical crisis that broke out after the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The European Union’s dependence on Russia’s fossil fuels (mainly gas) came at the epicentre of a giant geopolitical and economic resetting that was caused as a result of the dramatic developments.

At the same time, the war highlighted the need to expedite total independence from fossil fuels, as well as the pathogenies of the energy policies implemented in Greece and in Europe.

In April’s edition of Perspectives | Energy and War, we aim to shed light to the energy dimension of the war in Ukraine. Knowing full well that the issue is enormous and incredibly complex, our goal wasn’t to answer the difficult questions that arise, but rather to create an initial base for further investigation and to start a conversation. The energy issue isn’t just for experts, but rather it concerns each and every one of us.

The articles and podcasts featured in this edition of Perspectives:

Offer definitions of essential reference terms.

Give all necessary general information regarding the energy issue and its link to the war.

Assess the geopolitical developments that are linked both to the Russian invasion as well as to the energy game.

Explain why the independence from fossil fuels is not just necessary but also completely doable.

Criticise the energy market operation and the major choices in energy policies in Greece as well as in Europe.

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