PROJECT: Gender Divide

PROJECT: Gender Divide

Project: Gender Divide
  • About the project

    Gender Divide is a new Eteron research project carried out in collaboration with King’s College London, in the UK. The project aims to broaden and deepen the Institute’s work on gender issues by seeking to document, study and analyse attitudes, perceptions and stereotypes of the social body.
    The research programme includes, among other things, a quantitative survey, research analysis papers highlighting the survey’s findings in Greece and abroad, policy proposals and networking initiatives.
    ENA Institute for Alternative Policies participates in the project in an advisory role.

  • Research material

    Gender Divide  -The research is available in its entirety here 

  • Contributors

Research Collaboration: Eteron x King’s College | Gender Divide


As part of its collaboration with King’s College London on the Gender Divide project, Eteron – Institute for Research and Social Change commissioned aboutpeople to carry out a major survey focusing on gender issues.

The survey focused on key issues such as femicide, violence against women, women’s place in society and the workplace, LGBTQI+ rights, and the perception of core concepts such as patriarchy and feminism.  

The nationwide survey for the Gender Divide project was conducted on a sample of 2,074 citizens between 4-6 June 2024.

The survey findings are available in pdf form.

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