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There are different perspectives of reality, that much is certain. We usually see those perspectives according to our point of view on reality. They’re different if one looks from above or from below, from the left or the right.

This is hardly an original statement, but it is a steering compass for the way we work at Eteron.

This is why we are launching “Perspectives”, a monthly feature on a selected topic, aiming to analyse in depth topics that are relevant to society so that we can understand them better, thus encouraging reflection and further critical thinking. On that end, “Perspectives” will include contributions from people and organisations with expert knowledge as well as experiences and testimonials, in an effort to form a knowledge and networking hub.

The topics chosen may be the current conjuncture, subjects that exist within the public dialogue but also issues that are currently in the margins of the public discourse and that we’d like to bring to the fore.

In every one of those cases, we will present the selected topics using a multifaceted analysis, hoping to fuel discussions, arguments and debates, to achieve social change.

The first edition of “Perspectives” is focusing on femicides.

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