PROJECT: Gen Z | Voice On

PROJECT: Gen Z | Voice On

Project: Gen Z | Voice On

Generation Z, Unmuted

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In recent years, Gen Z has become a focus point for researchers, journalists and analysts. It is often described as a stressed out, depressed generation that is obsessed with exams but also as a progressive generation that is concerned about gender issues and is blazing a trail in the field of climate justice. It’s seen as a generation that could achieve social change.

Generation Z (or simply Gen Z) is the generation that follows the Millennials and includes everyone born from the mid to late ‘90s till early 2010.

In Greece, little is known regarding Gen Z. What we can state as facts is the following:

  • Gen Z were children or young teens when the 2008 recession hit the world.
  • Since birth, they have had a more extensive affinity with the digital universe.
  • They’re experiencing the pandemic and its management’s effects in their post pubescent age – a defining stage in the life of every person.
  • It isn’t a homogenous generation and social inequalities have a drastic effect on young people’s present and future.

In Eteron, we intend to open the “black box” and explore the basic traits of Gen Z in Greece.

  • What are 17-25 year-old people’s trends, stances and perceptions regarding current social and political issues?
  • How do they get informed on what’s happening and how do they share and create content and news?
  • How do social media affect the way that they express themselves, communicate and form opinions?

And, of course, we want to listen to their stories, ideas, experiences, worries and the struggles that they’re facing.

We want the project “GEN Z | VOICE ON” to be collaborative and interactive, with Gen Z itself at the core of the initiatives that will be scheduled along the way.

Our aim is to question the generalised and derogatory terms often used to describe Gen Z members, to understand their characteristic traits and opinions, to empower their voices and to help them unite with those of people of the same age around the globe.

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