PROJECT: Gen Z | Voice On

PROJECT: Gen Z | Voice On

Project: Gen Z | Voice On
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eBook on GenZ, Politics & Social Media during the Pandemic

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Upon completing the second phase of the “Gen Z – Voice On” project, Eteron – Institute for Research and Social Change launches the publication of an e-book titled: “Gen Z, Politics & Social Media during the Pandemic: Research Findings and Commentary”. The e-book seeks to make a substantial contribution to the public debate on the political profile and communication practices of the new generation.

More specifically, the volume begins with the presentation and analysis of the main findings of Eteron’s quantitative research regarding Gen Z by Anastasia Veneti, Stamatis Poulakidakos and Alexandros Minotakis. Based on an Αboutpeople Research poll that has been specifically commissioned by the Eteron Institute for the purpose of filling gaps in the existing research, this research contributes new evidence and data to the discussion about Generation Z in Greece, by addressing questions such as: What are the opinions of young people aged 25 and under on issues that were at the forefront of the public debate during the pandemic period (2020-21)? Which Social Media do they use the most? Which media sources do they choose and how do they form their political views? What do they think about misinformation and how easily do they fall victim to fake news? Do they plan to vote in the coming elections?

Then, starting from different backgrounds and following different paths, Yiannis Balabanidis, Lina Zirganou, Spyros Papadopoulos, Alexandros Papageorgiou, Thomas Siomos and Antonis Galanopoulos comment on the research findings and enrich our perspectives opening up a broader dialogue around how Gen Z perceives, reinterprets or challenges inherited concepts and practices around politics, how they choose to access and consume information regarding current affairs and what type of political behaviour they develop while using social media. Adding to the international discussion about Gen Z, the volume includes a comparative analysis of the results of Eteron’s research and those of the DigiGen European research project regarding young people’s political participation and the impact of technological transformations on the digital generation, by Athina Karatzogianni, Professor at the University of Leicester.

The volume closes with the interviews that Eteron conducted with academics and writers such as Ruth Milkman, Keir Milburn and Donatella Della Porta, shedding light into methodological issues surrounding the use of the concept of “generation” in social movement studies and linking international trends around Gen Z to their earlier research on the Millennials. Among other things, they highlight the younger generation’s role in the Black Lives Matter movement, Gen Z’s contribution to union organising, as well as the use of social media as a tool for social movements and the psychological impact of the multiple crises, especially that of the pandemic, on Gen Z.

Building upon social movement and media studies, the evidence and analyses gathered in the e-book directly challenge the widespread stereotypes that Gen Z is uninformed, apolitical and indifferent to society and current affairs. Instead, they reinforce the hypothesis that Gen Z in Greece seems to follow international trends, seeking alternative and collective solutions in the face of an ongoing condition of multiple crises and precarity.

The eBook on GenZ, Politics & Social Media during the Pandemic is available in pdf form.

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