PROJECT: Youth – Voice On

PROJECT: Youth – Voice On

Project: Youth – Voice On
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    “Youth – Voice On” is a follow up on Eteron’s “Gen Z – Voice On” project, in which we broaden the field of our research and initiatives to a wider age range of young people aged 17-34 years old.

    The project’s aim is to outline the profile of the young generation by recording, analysing and discussing young people’s views on a range of political, value and ideological issues, such as: the institutions, democracy, the economy, immigration, gender issues and expectations for the future.

    Through research, networking and participatory initiatives, our intention is to empower the voices of the younger generation and understand their characteristic traits, their perceptions as well as their feelings and attitudes towards political participation.

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    The project started in May 2023. Contact:

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conversation with James Jasper

A conversation with James M. Jasper: “Emotions are the main building blocks of a theory of action” [Video]

At the end of June 2023, Costas Gousis and Loukia Kotronaki conducted a video interview with James M. Jasper, a sociologist who has made a major contribution to social movements theory by initiating the cultural approach in the study of collective action. James M. Jasper is, among other works, the author of The Art of Moral Protest and The Emotions of Protest.

In the context of Eteron’s “Youth – Voice On” project, we discussed the role of emotions in social movements, meanings and uses of the concept of “moral shock” in the field of contentious politics, the electoral rise of the right wing and the alt-right, the hopes, fears and low expectations of the youth and youth research as an interesting laboratory for studying socialization and mobilization.

A text version of the conversation with James M. Jasper is also available.